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How To Paint A Room Professionally (pro tips to prep & paint walls and ceilings)

Sat, Jan 18th, 2020


Learn how to paint a room professionally from start to finish with the house painting artisans at Improovy Painters Chicago and 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling.

This hands-on workshop for Chicago homeowners and DIY enthusiasts features some of the best Chicago painters and interior painting crews sharing their tips and tricks to help you tackle any upcoming interior house painting projects like a pro.

Learn to cut a straight line, properly texture walls, prep a room correctly, and patch drywall for a truly professional finish. From drywall repairs to knowing what paint products and equipment to buy, this interior painting workshop is a crash course for any aspiring DIY home improvement aficionado.

No question, the pros at 3rd Gen Painting and Improovy Painters in Chicago will help you save some major time, money, and aggravation before starting your next interior home or apartment painting project. Join us for this awesome interactive & hands-on Winter workshop tutorial event at the Improovy offices in Wicker Park!

Improovy Painters Chicago
1370 W Crystal St #3
Chicago, IL 60642
(312) 210-9004

$19 admission fee (includes a free interior paint sample, painting safety gear, brushes, grates, drop cloths and paint rollers).

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