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The Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the business, civic, and social interests of its members, and to enhance the welfare of the entire Jefferson Park Community. Our top priority is to help your business grow!

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Sacred Spaces Tour 2019

Hosted by Eden United Church of Christ

The Bridging Jeff Park Team, a collaborative of local neighbors and members of committed organizations, is working on an event series to help us appreciate and take part in our neighborhood’s unfolding story. We’ll explore these things through tours, presentations, and story-telling.

On the weekend of Open House Chicago, October 19-20, WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE NEIGHBORS TO VISIT JEFF PARK AND NEARBY SITES. We've designed a tour to supplement in smaller scale the OHC tours. See more info on the wider OHC itinerary at


OUR LOCAL JEFF PARK LIST HERE (*indicated OHC event)--

Congregational Church of Jefferson Park… 5320 W. Giddings
9:30am-12:30pm Sat & Sun

*Copernicus Center…5216 W. Lawrence
10-4 Sat, 11-4 Sun

Eden United Church of Christ….5051 W. Gunnison
11-2 Sat & Sun

*Ed Paschke Art Center…5415 W. Higgins
10am-5pm Sat & Sun

Elston Avenue United Methodist Church…5850 N. Elston Ave
8am-1pm Sunday

Enriched Community Acupuncture Center… 5255 N. Central Ave
1-5pm Sat & Sun

*Jefferson Masonic Lodge…5418 W. Gale St.
10am-5pm Sat & Sun

LaBagh Woods… Mural at underpass, north of lot off Cicero
7am-5pm, Sat & Sun, Self-Guided
(Coffee @ the Mural, 8am Each Day)

Olive’s Neighborhood Garden for the Hungry…Laramie & Ainslie
7am-5pm Sat & Sun, Self-Guided

Redeemer of Calvary United Methodist Church…5001 West Gunnison
9:30am-12:30pm Sat & Sun

Thomas Jefferson Statue (@ Metra Station)
7am-5pm Sat & Sun, Self-Guided
(Gelato@ Statue, 3pm Each Day – Pick up from Ix-Chel)

Eden has convened this project in partnership with charter co-sponsors: Congregational Church of Jefferson Park, Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson Park Forward, Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association, Redeemer of Calvary/El Redentario UMC. Additional partners welcome.  Thanks to the Wilbur Warner Trust of North Shore Baptist Church for seed funding.

Attention Jefferson Park businesses! 
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Jefferson Park Sunday Market
Sun, Oct 27th, 2019

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